Majestic Realty asked us to create a film to promote their re-imagining of the Fort Worth Stockyards.  We found The Cowboy Code and created a series of vignettes based on promises worthy of the Stockyards heritage, as well as Majestic’s impeccable reputation for integrity.  We had two weeks from start to finish, but it was a nice fit all around and an opportunity to spend time on location in Fort Worth with cowboys and horses, tasty barbecue, and lovely folks telling big stories - all true.

Tim Eaton and his Verite crew just ‘get it’.  They tap into your vision as well as your mission, and always make you look smarter for having captured it!  They fundamentally understand the power of the beautiful image and its ability to deliver pure feeling and emotion.  There’s no more effective ‘call to action’ than that.
— Linda Berman, Director of marketing, Majestic Realty Co.