We listen.  

What’s important to you, to your organization and to its place in the world?  What are the stories that best describe you, that draw on the deepest levels of purpose and meaning? What makes you passionate about your business, your services, or your products? We make the process of finding the very best about you and your organization simple, effective, and… fun.


We take pride in our work.

We've been making great films for thirty five years.  We set the bar very high and never give up on the idea that there is an elegant and beautiful and perfect way to tell your story.


We're very good with people.

Most people cringe at being filmed, so we make the whole process comfortable.  Check out our films and see if they don't seem... real.


We create real value.

 We deliver extraordinary value by creating compelling digital media that will capture the hearts and minds of your viewers, by giving you exhibition quality still frames from original footage, and by creating new films from our digital library at a fraction of the cost of original production.  Our fees are not bargain basement, but we can usually design a plan that works for your budget.


We own and use state of the art film gear.

We have a substantial investment in cinema gear, and we know how to use it.  Just look at the quality of our films. With two state of the art 8K Red Epic-W cinema camera systems and a fully equipped camera and grip truck, we are well prepared and highly mobile. 


Matthew Tim Erik Umbrella.jpg

We make great coffee.

We roast our own beans and brew classic espresso drinks, so when you come by our office for a meeting it’s a treat for the senses.  Buongiorno!